ACR Heat Products have been around since the 1980’s, when initially they simply imported woodburning stoves for other manufacturers and excelled in doing so for many years.

Having built a wealth of stove knowledge over the years, ACR moved on to designing and manufacturing their own stoves back in 2009. Since then they have created a beautiful range of over 45 woodburning, multifuel, electric and gas stoves

Another advantage with ACR Heat Products stoves is their warranty offering. With ACR you get 10 years warranty on ACR woodstoves, 5 years on the ACR Woodpecker stoves, 3 years for any ACR Gas stoves and 2 years for their ACR Electric stove range.

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ACR Wychwood Modern Wood Burning Stove

Boasting one of the simplest door handle operation mechanisms, a gentle pull of the handle lifts the..

[SURPLUS STOCK] ACR Wychwood Remote Control LPG (Gas) Stove with Flame-Enhancing Glass

Sale Item Information: Sale Reason: Surplus Stock. Condition: Brand New. Supplied wit..
£2,059.00 £2,559.00 -20% OFF
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