Professional Stove Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your stove maintained is essential for both safety and efficiency; and as such we offer professional stove maintenance services across Pembrokeshire, helping you to get the most out of your stove, for longer.

If your appliance is of low quality, lacks efficiency and has also got into a state of disrepair - we would encourage you to look at replacing your appliance. In the last ten years, wood burning stoves have improved drastically. Not all stoves are built equal, but our preferred manufacturers design and build stoves that are able to provide more heat for less fuel. Our favourite stoves have a huge amount of controllability whereby you are able to have them ticking away - idling beautifully, or otherwise roaring away throwing out as much heat as you could possibly want. Older appliances do not have secondary air controls which help re-ignite the gasses which would otherwise be wasted; this technology within many modern appliances leads to a much higher level of efficiency. This means you’ll spend less money on fuel, as a result of the higher efficiency - meaning more heat for less fuel. As a result, you won’t have to re-fuel the stove as often. This same technology also means that the gases leaving the flue have been burnt a second time.  As a result the gases leaving the stove exit the flue returning to the environment cleaner, having had more of the calorific value extracted in the process of combustion as compared to an older appliance. Modern stoves burn cleaner, which is of course better for the environment!

If you’re looking to replace your stove, you can depend on our expert advice to be paired with a replacement stove that will make you wish you’d opted to replace it sooner. A wood burning stove should work in a certain manor, and unfortunately many stoves really do not cut the mustard! 

If your existing stove needs some TLC then we can help with that!   See our stove maintenance service offerings below, where you can click to find out more about the process and options available.  

For our back to black treatment we use a specialist high-temperature blackening product to bring life back to the appearance of your stove. 

With our glass cleaning service, we use a chemical spray and a scrub to remove stubborn stains.  This cannot remove scratches, misting or hazing but removes stubborn stains from glass very effectively. 

Our stove door re-rope service includes the supply of suitable rope, as well as the professional on-site fitting. 

For more information on these services as well as our stove door glass replacement and fire brick replacement services, see below for bookings and more info.

Stove Glass Cleaning

Ideal for you when: 

  • ✓ Your stove glass has gone brown / black through general use
  • ✓ There are no cracks or damage to the glass
  • ✓ The glass is otherwise in good condition

£50 + VAT (£60 total)

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Back-to-Black Treatment

Ideal for you when: 

  • ✓ The finish of your stove has faded over time through general use
  • ✓ The stove does not otherwise need replacing
  • ✓ You want your stove to have its former bold presence! 

£70 + VAT (£84 total)

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Stove Door Re-Rope

Ideal for you when: 

  • ✓ The rope-seals around your stove door have become flattened and/or brittle
  • ✓ The rope-seals around your stove door are missing or falling off
  • ✓ The rope-seals around your stove door no longer create a seal

£100 + VAT (£120 total)

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Stove Door Glass Replacement

Ideal for you when: 

  • ✓ Your stove door glass has cracked
  • ✓ Your stove door glass is old and has permanently misted/hazed
  • ✓ You want us to supply & fit new glass for a make of stove we supply
  • ✓ You want us to fit new glass which you have already sourced independently

From £100 + VAT (£120 total)

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Stove Fire-Brick Replacement

Ideal for you when: 

  • ✓ One or more of the firebricks in your stove have cracked / crumbled
  • ✓ You want to maintain the integrity & efficiency of your stove
  • ✓ You want us to supply & fit new fire bricks for a make of stove we supply
  • ✓ You want us to fit fire bricks you have already obtained for your stove

Variable Pricing (see more info)

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Customer Feedback

Fred Rees
After previously using Calon Y Adref a couple of months ago, I have had Deri and Jack come back to install an excellent stove that was recommended by Deri, absolute class service from start to finish, yet again Calon Y Adref have exceeded my expectations, full supply and fit carried out with top class work. You won’t find better in the county or beyond, thank you again guys top job!!!!
Geraint Lewis
Excellent service
Samantha Crowfoot
Excellent job - friendly, very knowledgeable, will definitely use again
Claire Rees
Fab service. Thanks. Jack was friendly, methodical and did a great job.
Jac Hall
Jack came today instead of Deri, but was equally cheerful and efficient, and did a very good, thorough, clean job. Wholeheartedly recommend!
Osian Jones
Messaged to check if they covered my area to do a chimney repair. Unfortunately they didn't but Deri took the time to send a video explaining the steps he would take to try and resolve the problem. Didn't have to, but shows what a professional he is by doing it. Would highly recommend. Thanks again for the help
Carl Clement
Superb service, Deri is knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to have in our home. Chimney swept quickly and professionally, useful advice for a first time stove owner, and even performed some additional maintenance for us. Highly recommended.
F Rees
Deri came to my home today and worked above and beyond, I highly recommend him he has heaps of knowledge and runs a very professional business. Thank you very much!! I will without a doubt use him in future.
Peter Howell
Your expert advice, the installation with a chimney check and a new cowl were of the highest standard, with an organised work plan in a quiet engaging working atmosphere. Guaranteed to be the perfect combination at the ‘HEART of the HOME’. DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN. Gwynne, Mary, Peter
Julie Griffiths
Thank you Derri and Jack your workmanship is incredible and you have transformed my fireplace. You were both polite and made me feel reassured that I was in safe hands. Nothing was a bother and you left the place clean and tidy every evening when you left. I recommend this skilful pair even if it means waiting for them. Derri still in touch to support me with what fire surround to have if I decide to have one. Thank you both for helping me on my long journey to make my place look amazing
Owen Pollard-Rice
Deri made an excellent job of our installation and finished to a very high standard. His workmanship is not common these days as he takes the time to make sure everything is completed to a high standard and really takes care to look after your property. I would thoroughly recommend him for any installation.
Nick Reynolds
Jack did a superb job cleaning the wood burner and chimney. He was also happy to share his expert knowledge to assist me further. Excellent service and I’m delighted to be added to their calendar for a regular visit.
Capers C
Excellent service given. We are extremely pleased with our installation from Deri. The work was carried out quickly and to a high standard. I have no reservations with using his services again and would recommend anyone to get in touch with him for sweeping and installation.
Anne Parker
The chimney in our 'new' house was swept by Deri. He is very affable and a pleasure to converse with. We were kept informed about our appointment and he turned up when he said he would. The job he did was very thorough, and there was no mess at all - which we have had with other sweeps! He also replaced the rope door seals, and was very particular about the way it was done. He was happy to answer all my questions and gave us advice regarding some issues we had with our stove. We have yet to light it, but I am confident all will be fine when we do. Deri is now booked to sweep our chimney next year!
Les Rennie
We had Deri to clean our chimneys last year and we were really impressed with his work and so asked him to come back and sort the wood burner in our lounge out. This was quite a big job which involved removing the hearth and replacing the flu amongst other things. Deri and Jack worked so hard and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result. When they had finished the job they left the room in an immaculate condition. We had to wait a while for them to come due to them being so busy but they are definitely worth the wait and we will be using them again. We would thoroughly recommend this company we really can’t fault them.
Mark Berridge
These guys are great from start to finish! Lots of information. Regular contact. Arrived on time ( no Pembrokeshire Promise) and thoroughly professional. Also really tidy workers!! Totally recommend!
Steve Davies
What a pleasure to meet Deri and Jack great hard working and professional craftsmen who overcame unforeseen problems with ease and a smile they fitted a “hungry penguin “ and a slate hearth in my conservatory and came across issues with the routing of the flue. I was kept informed at every step. They were meticulous in their work and cleaned up to a very high standard I cannot recommend highly enough. (View Image Review on Google -
Meryl Brooks
We are so happy with the work Deri and Jack have done for us installing our log fire and building a false wall . Every bit of their work has been so professional and built to the highest standard . Thank you so much for everything.